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Below is a listing of product categories.  

Within each category is a complete list of products.  

  R&D/OEM/Design Services
Numerous R&D projects, and applicable OEM units for the research laboratories, and academic institutions in multi-discipline fields.


System Integration
Integrated solutions for complex R&D projects for the research laboratories and academic institutions


  Single/Polycrystal Wafers
Silicon, GaAs, Ge wafers


Quartz, Corning Glass 1737, Alumina, Sapphire, MgO, Lanthanum Aluminate, Strontium Titanate,  Lithium Niobate etc.

RF Generators/Matching Networks
13.56MHz RF Generators for sputtering, Low-Frequency Generators, Manual and Automatic Matching Networks and DC power supplies.

Variable Capacitors (Air Trimmers).

  Sputtering Targets
Sputtering targets of various diameters, and thicknesses.  Purity level up to 6N.  Copper backing plates and target bonding available.



High Purity Materials
High purity materials in lumps, shots, and powder forms. Purity level up to 7N.  Also, available in rod, wire, sheet and foils.

Boron Nitride Rods.

Vacuum Products
Ion Pumps, Gate Valves, Viewports, Electrical Feedthroughs, Flanges, and Fittings, OFHC, and Viton Gaskets, Silicon Oil, DC976 Grease etc.


Lasers/Laser Diodes/Controllers
He-Ne Lasers, Laser Diodes, Laser Modules, Accessories and Laser Diode Controllers.


Photodiodes, and Detectors
Silicon (Si) Photodiodes, APD detectors, and modules.
Indium Antimonide (InSb) Detectors, Preamplifiers, Liquid Nitrogen cooled dewar based detectors.


Beamsplitters, lenses, Prisms, Optical Interference Filters, Zero-Order Waveplates, Rutile Prisms etc.


  Fiber Optics/Kits/Digital Photometer
Fiber Optic Demonstration System Kit, Optical Voice Link Kit, Digital Photometer (Optical Power Meter), PCS fibers.


Electro-Optic Instrumentation
Photodiode Transimpedance Amplifier, Fiber Optic Oscilloscope Probes, E/O, and O/E Converters.


ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) Coated Glass Plates
Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) coated Corning 1737, and Soda lime glass sheets of 14" x 14" size.

ITO coated slides. 

Corning 1737 bare glass plates and slides.

Corning 7059 bare glass plates.

Mass Flow Controllers/Pressure Regulators
Mass Flow Controllers, Display Units, Pressure Regulators.


Microwave and RF
Active, and Passive Components, Duroid, and Alumina Substrates, Amplifiers etc.


Gas Chromatography
PID lamps, Pressure Regulators, Valves, Swagelok fittings, Hamilton Syringes etc.


And Much More...
Electrically-Thermally conductive epoxies, UV adhesives, Holographic Plates, Connectors, IC's, TE coolers, Diamond Scribers, etc., etc


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